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Equipment for the Professional User in the Field of Weather, Environment and Plant Growth Circumstances. Prices are VAT excluded.


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ConeFET LanceFET Sentron App Sentron App CupFET MicroFET Sentron App Sentron App
ConeFET LanceFET Sentron App Sentron App CupFET MicroFET Sentron App Sentron App
Sentron ISFET wireless pH Meters
pH ISFET meters with wireless technology sending data to your smart device anywhere you want to measure.

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Sentron wireless ISFET pH meters

New generation pH meters with ISFET technology. These wireless pH meters have an ISFET pH probe and wireless bluetooth module for sending the measuring data to your smart device.

Few characteristics:
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless connection with your smart device.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • GPS data
  • Free Sentron app for Android and iOS
  • Wireless chargeable battery
  • RGB LED for status update and recognition to cloud-based application
  • Temporary data storage when non-connection with smart device takes place.


This is pH measurement without the common glass electrode, which makes it useable for other specific applications. The Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET)is the used technology for which the manufacturer is one of the frontrunners of with many years experience. The pH measurements are extremely accurate and now also for use in agricultural applications, because of less breakage opportunities in comparison to glass pH sensors.

Wireless Connection and Use of Free App

The measurements are shown directly on your smart device when the probe is connected via Bluettooth and using the free Sentron app. The app makes analysis possible everywhere you are.  Download the app at Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.

Specifications of the App:

  • Calibration, obtaining, visualisation, storage and export of data
  • Up to 6 wireless ISFET probes connected for simultaneous measuring
  • Real-time notifications when pH-values are out of range
  • GPS location basede pH map in Google Maps
  • Language: English


The probes are and can be used in the water, food, industrial and agri industries. Different models are available for a suitable use. Note that for specific usages in field applications you must be aware of sharp objects in the soil. When sharp grit, rocks or sand is present in the soil, please use a pick or screwdriver to predrill a hole before penetrating the probe into the soil. Otherwise the transistor can be damaged by these sharp objects, when you stick the probe in the soil without checking and predrilling. In soft soil or media like potting soil, compost and the like the probe can be inserted without problems.


Different models to choose from matching your specific use:
  • ConeFET, rounded flat tip. For applications where forceful penetration is hardly needed
  • LanceFET, sharp tip. Suitable for direct insertion of the probe in firmer media and samples.
  • CupFET, with half flat tip, for measuring in cups
  • MicroFET, thin probe, to be used in test tubes and the like.


  Wireless ISFET pH Meters  
  Type ConeFET LanceFET CupFET MicroFET  
  Use Robust general purpose probe Steel tipped probe for easy penetration of firm samples (e.g. meat, fruits, ground). Probe for measurements of small volumes (~ 20 µl) Laboratory probe of 3 mm diameter that fits tubes and mini-cuvettes  
  General fluids (low viscosity) ü ü ü ü  
  Semi fluids (low to medium viscosity) ü ü ü    
  Pastes and semi solids (medium to high viscosity) ü ü      
  Piercing applications (normal to medium force penatration)   ü      
  General beakers and containers ü ü ü ü  
  Small sample volumes (one drop ~20 µl)     ü ü  
  Narrow vials / test tubes (as small as Ø 3 mm)       ü  
  PH ConeFET LanceFET CupFET MicroFET  
  Sensor Glass-free Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) semiconductor   
  Range pH 0,00... pH pH 14,00  
  Accuracy +/- 0,02 pH  
  Resolution 0,01 pH  
  Drift maximal (in pH7 @ 25°C) 0,14 pH/day  
  Drift typical (in pH7 @ 25°C) 0,05 pH/day and lower  
  Calbration 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-point calibration  
  ATC (automatisc temperature compensation yes  
  Calibration buffer types Sentron buffers, DIN, NIST, JIS  
  Temperature ConeFET LanceFET CupFET MicroFET  
  Sensor NTC  
  Accuracy 1 %  
  Resolution 0,1 °  
  Range 0 - 80 °C  
  Rerefence System ConeFET CupFET LanceFET MicroFET  
  Type Non-flow  
  Solution gelled KCL  
  Diafragm porous PTFE porous PTFE porous PTFE ceramic  


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