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Equipment for the Professional User in the Field of Weather, Environment and Plant Growth Circumstances. Prices are VAT excluded.


There are no products in your shopping cart yet.

FieldGuard LoRaWan stations are measuring stations using the LoRaWan technology and telecommunication network, which is perfectly suited for long distance communication between stations and your PC at home or smartphone to see, monitor or analyse the data of your stations. For this information the TRACIS Online Portal is used, a web based information site. So besides one or more stations you will need an access to the TRACIS Online Portal. Every station offered is including a TRACIS one year subscription.

Every station offered here uses the Dutch KPN LoRa Network and is for use in The Netherlands only. If you want to purchase stations for use outside of The Netherlands or you prefer not to use the KPN LoRa network, a personal LoRa gateway must then be used. This is made to measure. Please contact us for the options.

For more information about the FieldGuard stations and the technology behind it and/or TRACIS Online Portal, please visit both websites by clicking one of the following images/buttons. For the TRACIS website you will need the following credentials to log in User Name: demo and Password: Demo1234. Just take a look.

How a FieldGuard station and TRACIS subscription is configured can be seen at the bottom of this page.



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FieldGuard Soil Moisture Stations
€ 398,00 *

Price per unit

FieldGuard Greenhouse Station
€ 828,00 *

Price per unit

FieldGuard TurfGuard Subsurface Stations
€ 405,00 *

Price per unit

FieldGuard Rain Station
€ 555,00 *

Price per unit

FieldGuard Groundwater Level Station
€ 1.055,00 *

Price per unit

How does a FieldGuard station configuration look like? 


When buying a FieldGuard station you are specifically purchasing 2 product items, which are:

1. A FieldGuard Station of your choice

A FieldGuard station consists of a base station with a specific sensor set and antenna for transmitting to the LoRa network. 

2. A TRACIS Basic License
Data from the FieldGuard station sent to the internet via the KPN LoRa network can be accessed and analysed on the TRACIS Online Portal. Each and every station needs its own license for this. The license you purchase is a TRACIS Basic yearly subscriptio which gives you access to the TRACIS Portal and your station data. This TRACIS Basic subscription costs € 64,00 per year per FieldGuard station.

So, the price of a station consists of an initial purchase of a station and a subscription for the first year. This subscription is renewed tacitly for another year, but can be cancelled every month after the first year.

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