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Watermark Soil Moisture Sensors

The WaterMark Soil Moisture measures soil moisture tension, which is the force plant roots need to practice in order to extract moisture from the soil. Comes in 3 different models. Choose one of them.

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WaterMark Soil Moisture Sensor

This sensor determines the suction force plants have to have in order to suck water from the soil. By placing the sensors in the root zone, you will get information about water content of the soil by using the pF-curve of a certain soil type.

The sensors are available in the next models:

WaterMark Sensoren for Stations and Soil Sensor Readers (direct connection)

These sensors an be connected directly to WatchDog Stations or FieldScout Soil Sensor Readers.

Item ST-6450WD: WaterMark Sensor with 3,3 meter cable
Item ST-6450WD20: WaterMark Sensor with 7,6 meter cable

WaterMark Sensor Bare Wire for use with own meters and stations or Soil Sensor Reader 

Item ST-6450: WaterMark sensor - bare wired. This sensor does not have a plug, but needs an adapter (item 6450FSADPT) for connection with a FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader. You can also use these bare wired sensors with your own meters or stations.


   WaterMark Sensor Details  
   Suction Force 0 - 200 kPa  

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