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Equipment for the Professional User in the Field of Weather, Environment and Plant Growth Circumstances. Prices are VAT excluded.


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Sentron ISFET pH Probes
Sentron ISFET pH Probes
ISFET pH Probes for use with the Sentron SI400 and SI600 pH Meters
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ISFET pH Probes

When buying a Sentron pH meter (SI400 or SI600) you need to purchase one of the available ISFET Probes. You can take pH measurements with a combination of a SI pH meter and Probe using the ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) technology.


All probes have an ISFET sensor based on the same technology. Each probe is the same when it comes to accuracy. The form and material make each probe different for different uses.

The following probes are available:
  1. ConeFET: 18 cm long with a blunt tip
  2. LanceFET: 19 cm long with a scharp tip voor easy penetration
  3. CupFET: 18 cm with a flat tap (with cup)
  4. LanceFET with handle: 22 cm long with a handle and 5 cm long probe
  5. MiniFET: 8 cm long, 5 mm diameter and flat tip
  6. MicroFET: 16 cm long with a thin (3 mm diam.) probe and micro sensor
When making a choice above, you can see a picture of each probe.


The probes can be used for multiple types of samples (wet/dry). The sensor doesn't need to be kept wet when stored. The ISFET sensor is less prone to damages and pressure in comparison with glass type sensors.

- Important -
When using the probes in soil or potting material, pelase make sure the sample does not conatin any sharp material, such as gritty sand, grit sharp rocks etc. These materials can damage the ISFET sensor when scraped by it. Please predrill a hole with a pick or screwdriver in sharp soil before inserting the probe.Soft(er) material such as perlite and vermiculite in potting mixes generally do not cause any problem.The ConeFET and LanceFET are suitable for soil measurement. For heavy soil use the LanceFET.


   ISFET Probes  
    ConeFET LanceFET CupFET LanceFET + H MiniFET MicroFET  
  General liquids (low viscosity)  
  Semiliquids (low to medium viscosity)      
  Semi solids / paste (medium to high viscosity)        
  Piercing capapability medium/normal pressure          
                      high pressure            
  General beakers and containers  
  Deep containers (up to 140 mm)      
  Small sample volume (20 uL)          
  Test tubes / vials (as small as 3 mm diameter)            
  Sensor Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) semiconductor, glasfree  
  Range pH 0 - 14,00  
  Drift (total after 24 hours at 25 °C) Max. 0,14 pH  
        Referentie Systeem              
  Type non-flow non-flow  
  Diafragm porous PTFE ceramic  
  Referentievloeistof gelled KCI gelled KCI  
  Sensor PT1000 NTC  
  Accuracy +/- 0,5 °C +/- 0,5 °C  
  Range 0 to 80 °C 0 to 80 °C  
        Physical Properties              
     Total length 183 mm 190 mm 183 mm 223 mm 83 mm 160,5 mm  
     Lengt probe (submersible) 137 mm 144 mm 134 mm 52 mm 36 mm 110 mm  
     Diameter probe 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 5 mm 3 mm  
     Cable length 1600 mm  
     Probe / Tip PEEK/ABS PEEK/Stainless Steel tip PEEK/ABS PEEK/Stainless Steel tip PEEK/ABS PEEK  
     Handvat, kabel en connector PVC PVC PVC PVC PVC PEEK  
  Weight 53 gr 53 gr 53 gr 198 gr 20 gr 29 gr  
  Operation / Storage              
     Temperature 0 to 80 °C  
     Humidity  30 % to 80 % relative humidity   
  Protection Class IP68 (connector IP67)  
  Connector 5 pin (push - pull)  
  Meter Compatibility Sentron SI series pH meters   

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