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Equipment for the Professional User in the Field of Weather, Environment and Plant Growth Circumstances. Prices are VAT excluded.


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IPM Scopes IPM Scopes IPM Scopes IPM Scopes IPM Scopes
IPM Scopes IPM Scopes IPM Scopes IPM Scopes IPM Scopes
IPM Scopes
A range of microscopes for integrated pest management. Choose the model meeting your needs and determine the pest or disease on your plants.

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IPM Microscopes

Discovering plant diseases and pests on a microscopic level is easy with these scopes. Analysis and further diagnosis can be done for curing or preventing pests and diseases.
Don't strain your eyes. SImply put the microscope above a leaf and see much clearer.

Several models are available with different lighting options. Comes with software for running on your PC (WIndows version is included, Apple MacOS is available through the Mac App Store).

A list of possiblities:
  • View live images on the computer screen
  • Measures 40X and 140X magnification
  • Completely portable when connected to a laptop computer
  • Archive still images or send files via e-mail
  • Add labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale
  • Draw directly on the live image
  • Combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope
  • Connects to your computer’s USB port
  • Includes software required to capture and archive your still images
  • Software allows you to customize your images with labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale
  • Video software upgrade provides the ability to capture live videos and time lapse sequences of insect movement

Take also a look at the additional other software packages and accessories for these microscopes.


  IPM Scopes Alle modellen behalve ST-2860 MP Model Mega Pixel ST-2860MP  
  Image Sensor 1/4” CMOS 1/3” CMOS  
  Pixels 640 x 480 2304 x 1536  
  Power USB port USB 3.0 Port  
  Light Source Super-Bright LEDs Super-Bright LEDs  
  Field of View @40X: 7.5 x 10 mm
@140X: 1.8 x 2.5 mm
@10X: 33 X 22 mm
@35X: 6 x 9 mm
@180X: 2 x 3 mm (1x screen)
  Resolution 4 microns @ 140x magnification <1.7 microns @ 140x magnification  
  Computer Requirements Pentium IV 1.5 GHz or greater (Core 2 Duo 1.5+ GHz recommended),
Windows XP/7/8/10, DirectX 8.1 or greater,
Explorer 5.0 or greater, USB 2.0 port required (USB 3.0 for Megapixel model recommended

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