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FieldScout SC 900 Soil Compaction Meter

The FieldScout SC 900 digital Penetrometer is measures soil compaction and logs your measurement.

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FieldScout SC 900 Soil Compaction Meter

The SC 900 is a digital penetrometer, which also has the possibility to log the measured compactionvalues. Uploading the data to the computer for further analysis is possible and connecting to a GPS device for stamping GPS data with your measurements as well. All for further and easy analysis on your computer after being in the field for example plotting all the measurements on a map by using SpecConnect FieldScout Pro software for this purpose. 

With each order you will get:
  • FieldScout SC 900 Meter with 50 cm probe
  • 2 penetration cones: 1,25 cm (fine soils) en 1,9 cm (coarse soils) diameter
  • FieldScout software for configuration of the meter and datatransfer to your computer. Compatible with SpecConnect FieldScout Pro software (available separately)
  • USB cable (to 3,5 mm jack)
  • Depth Target
  • Carrying Case


When using a GPS device with the FieldScout SC 900 Meter, your GPS device will need a PC interface port. Please purchase a PC interface cable (serial) from the GPS device manufacturer and also our GPS/DGPS cable (item # ST-2950CV5).
Connect a GPS bracket to the SC 900 meter for placing the GPS device on the SC900 meter for easy use byu having your hands free for measurement taking.


   FieldScout SC 900  
   Units Cone Index (PSI or kPa)  
   Measuring Depth max. 45 cm  
   Measuring Interval every 2,5 cm (by ultra sonic depth sensor)  
   Accuracy +/- 1.25 cm depth, +/- 15 PSI (103 kPa) pressure  
   Range 0 to 45 cm depth, 0 to 1,000 PSI (0 to 7,000 kPa) pressure  
   Data Logger 772 profiles without GPS; 579 profiles with GPS  
   Connections RS232 (serial) for  GPS device connection (with use of item ST-2950CV5)  
   Batterij 4 AAA alkaline batteries included  


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