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FieldScout Red/Far Red Light Meter

This meter is measuring red or far red light to determine how crowded plants are growing together.

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Red/Farred Light Meter

This FieldScout meter from the LightScout series light meters determines the red/far red ratio of light for plants. This is for determining whether plants have enought ambient space for healthy gowth.


  • Measures red/far red ratio
  • With only one push of the button the meter shows the values at 660 nm and 730 nm
  • Soft protection case included  


  LightScout Red/Far Red Meter Technical Details  
   Accuracy ±5%  
   Red Light 660nm, 40nm FWHM (±20nm)  
   Far Red Light 730nm, 30nm FWHM (±15nm)  


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