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 Replacement Sensor S040 for LAQUAtwin Nitrate Meters
Replacement Sensor S040 for LAQUAtwin Nitrate Meters

A replacement sensor for the LAQUAtwin Nitrate Meter.

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LAQUAtwin Nitrate Sensor S040

Replacement sensor for your LAQUAtwin Nitrate Meter.


  • Replacement sensor for LAQUAtwin B-741, B-742, B-743, NO3-11, NO3-11C, and NO3-11S.
  • Sensor guard has a sliding cap for scooping water sample
  • Waterproof


   LAQUAtwin S040 Sensor  
   EC Range NO3-: 6 to 9900 ppm (mg/L), 0.1 to 160 mmol/L
NO3--N: 1.4 to 2200 ppm (mg/L)
   Liquid Junction Porous macromolecule  
   Minimum Sample Volume 0.3 ml with direct measurement
(0.05 ml with sampling sheet B)
   Temperature Sensor Built-in  
   Range 5 to 40 °C  

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