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Sentron ISFET pH Meters
Sentron ISFET pH Meters

A rugged pH meter with ISFET technology for accurate pH measurement. Two models available: SI400 or SI600.

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ISFET pH Meters

With the ISFET technology you can make very accurate pH readings in the field or lab and have less worries of beaking down the sensor as in glass type ones.

These meters work with separate Sentron ISFET pH Probes, which are available separately. Don't forget to purchase one of your choice with one of these meters..The meter does not have an ISFET probe by itself.

SI400 or SI600 Meter

Two different ISFET models are available; the SI400 and SI600. The latter has more specs and has a log function. Both of them are very rugged for use in the field. The meters are supplied with:
  • Buffer Set (pH 4, 7, 10 and rinse fluid)
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter Set, 100-240 VAC, with UK, US, EU, Australia, Middele-East adapters
Please use the spec list below for making your choice of meter.


   ISFET pH Meters  
    SI400 SI600  
   Accuracy* +/- 0,01 +/- 0,005  
   Resolution* 0,01 0,005  
   Range* pH 0 - pH 14  
   Calibration Smart Calibration  
    NIST, DIN, JST    
   Automatic Temperature Correction  
   Accuracy* +/- 0,5 ºC  
   Resolution* 0,1 ºC  
   Range* - 20 ºC tot 120 ºC  
   Languages English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish  
   Bias Setting (user definable fixed offset value) pH 0 tot pH 9,99  
   Data Handling      
    Store current values manually max. 10 max. 50  
    Log measurement value automatically (user definable 1- 60 sec)   max. 65.000  
    Log file to PC via USB    
    Remote Readout from PC via USB (max. 1 readout per sec.)    
    Send calibration reports to PC via USB    
   Alarm Setpoints and Warnings (user definable min / max)      
   pH Stability Check    
      Physical Properties      
   Dimensions ( l x h x w) 80 x 160 x 36 mm  
   Weight 379 gram  
   Protection Rating IP65 (splash)water resistent, rubber casing  
   Batteries included 3 x AA NiMh 2400 mAh  
    Operation 7 uur (continuous), 26 hr with power save enabled  
    Recharge Time 7 hours  
   * afhankelijk van type probe      


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