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FieldGuard TurfGuard Station
FieldGuard TurfGuard Station

The TurfGuard Station is specifically developed for monitoring conditions for your sports field and turf.

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FieldGuard TurfGFuard Station

Specifically designed for professional sprot fields and turfs this TurfGuard station can monitor specific growth conditions of the grass to keep it in perfect condition.

The station measures the following parameters:
  • PAR Light
  • Air Humidity
  • Air Temperature
  • Leaf Wetness
The can be placed on any turf or sports field station without any hassle. The data captured by the station is send to your personal TRACIS Wep Portal page for further analysis and monitoring.


With the purchase of this station a TRACIS Basic license is inlcuded (at this moment for The Netherlands only). This license has a yearly subscription with a fee of EUR 59,00. The subscription is renewed tacitly, but can be cancelled every month after the first year. Please click on the pircture for more information.




   FieldGuard TurfGuard Station  
    Range Accuracy Resolution  
   PAR Light 0 to 2500 µmol•m²•s¹  ± 5% 1 µmol•m²•s¹   
   Air Temperature  -40°C to +80°C ± 0.2°C 0,01°C  
   Air Humidity 0% to 100% Relative Humidity ± 2% RH 0,01% RH  
   Leaf Wetness 0 (dry) to 15 (wet) n.a. 1  
   Power  3,6 V Lithium Battery  

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